Visa Application Process

Recruitment Procedure
Employers Part:
Demand Letter
Employer or Sponsor will issue the demand letter in favour of M/s A.S. Edutech, the Required categories with Job Description, number of vacancy in each category, salary, duration of contract and other terms and conditions like accommodation, food, medical, air ticket, transportation, leave etc, attested by chamber of commerce and ministry of foreign affairs.

Power of Attorney
Employer or Sponsor will issue in Company’s Letter Head the Power of Attorney in favour of M/s A.S. Edutech addressed to the concerned Embassy /Consulate in India, informing him that M/s A.S.Edutech is our authorized Recruiting Agent in India holding a genuine recruitment license Issued by Ministry of overseas Govt. of India here by authorize to complete all the formalities.

Selection Process
we always prefer selection of applicants either by face to face interview and practical test in the presence of foreign Employer or his authorized representative, the selection is conducted in a healthy and congenial atmosphere and or the logistic support required for the purpose is provided by our agency to ensure fare and impartial selection in the presence of experts.

Orientation before Departure
“A.S. Edutech HR Consultant” provides basic orientation to the candidates before travelling abroad. The candidates are informed about their duties and responsibilities while abroad and first hand information on work environment etc.