A.S.EDUTECH HR Consultant



To provide superior quality of services that strives to become the preferred source for human resource services. Our dedication to serve high quality of service to customers and the community with professionalism, honesty and integrity. 
“We are the coveted, committed and competitive global recruiting firm with customer oriented focus and resourcefulness as the undercurrents.”



“We identify and utilize the available human resource and empowers individuals to achieve professional and personal goals by providing them appropriate and golden opportunity and a network of guidance and support, maintaining the highest professional standards

Our aim at providing a Total Recruitment Solution to our clients and working to ensure a successful hiring of selected deserving candidates

o   Growth oriented career opportunity to job seekers

o   Compelling work environment to attract and retain the best talent

o   From the start of recruitment to final deployment, Services are rendered to pave the way for the smooth and successful recruitment process to take place

o   Ensuring to provide all the best services timely and efficiently


  • Identification & Understanding of our client’s requirements and needs
  • Committed to provide manpower within specific timeframe
  •  Quick & Dynamic execution of cumbersome formalities
  • Transparency in operations & professional code of conduct
  • Ensured quality, confidentiality and cost effectiveness
  • Loyalty to clients as well as Jobseekers